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News | Sport | 7/12/2017


Among the different ways of making excursions in the open, one of the most appreciated on the snow, whether it is due to the conditions or for pleasure is with snowshoes. Going to the mountains with snowshoes is to have a chance of advancing to the unspoiled and beautiful landscapes, framed by the white snow. Which adds a magical touch to the already lovely natural environment which often provides the context.

Ciaspole con neve

One of the places that definitely offers more space for this type of activity, is Bellamonte. Let’s see what can be three interesting places, in the surrounding area, with which to undertake interesting excursions on snowshoes in Val di Fiemme.

Paneveggio Park

The itinerary of this trip is long but do not worry, it’s not very difficult. It requires only a constant stride and the desire to be amazed. In fact, the environment that you can enjoy is very tranquil, harmonious vegetation. The walk is predominantly a forest road. Then you have the real feeling of taking a walk in the wild mountain.

Do not worry, though, because the area is safe and without risk of avalanches. It starts with the utmost grace and to suggest it is just the first part of the path named: “Bosco dei Violini“. During the walk the scenery changes and you can begin to address the majesty of the mountains. At the sign for Malga Colbricon begins a climb that is normally surrounded by the snow and continues all the way. Once at the hut, then proceed eastward and you begin to descend slightly, until you reach a small valley at the foot of Colbricon Grande. It continues towards the bottom, always towards the south east of Passo di Colbricon. If you wish to proceed and reach the refuge of the same name, then you have to continue along the right side of the road.

The ideal is to get there by car from Predazzo towards Passo Rolle. Once past the Visitor Center of Peneveggio Park, you park on the left of the first bend and from there follow the visitors itinerary. The total length of the trail is over 5 km and takes about four hours.


Alpe Lusia

The hike is very simple and safe. With an incredible view, thanks to the wonderful landscape that overlooks over 2000 meters above sea level. The walk turns in the direction of Malga Bocche, or what is more commonly called La Morea. The start is reached by chairlift from Bellamonte-Castelir, where the flat section begins.

The trail is about 5 km away and is very beaten. Ideal for snowshoeing, cross country skiing or climbing activities. The entire route passes through the trail  of the Paneveggio Natural Park. The whole area is a mixture of nature, soft snow and small wildlife that you may encounter in their natural habitat. Ideal for those who want to have a recreational activity, in quiet and in full freedom. Accompanied by the silence and the fascination of snowy landscapes. It lends itself well to walk in singles or in groups.

Segantini Apatments and Pale di San Martino

A slightly longer path is the one that leads to Baita Segantini. The path is 6 km long, mostly flat with one hill near the end, just as you reach the retreat. The excursion is perfect to enjoy the wonderful view offered by the Pale di San Martino, on the Cimon de La Pala peaks.


From the parking lot entrance to the Val Venegia, go along the snow-covered road in the direction of Malga Venegia. The first stretch of the excursion to Malga’s main feature is the Dolomite walls of Mount Mulaz. The landscape looks fabulous and almost all the way when followed properly, accommodates a harmonious and peaceful walk. In all the time in snowshoes, you can walk in a landscape full of soft snow, icy streams and the craggy peaks of the Dolomites. Arriving at the Baita Segantini is just beyond 2180 meters above sea level, where you can see the incredible spectacle of Passo Rolle and the Pale di San Martino. Being a very open area is much more subject to sudden changes of climate. It is advised to first check the weather conditions expected on site. The entire walk lasts about 3 hours.

Do you like the idea of snowshoeing in Val di Fiemme? Maybe even at night under a starry sky… see our offers, A week of skiing and not only that, you will not be disappointed by our proposals!