Welcome to our Wellness Centre, an oasis where we want to return to the roots of Val di Fiemme, inspired by its ancient traditions. Starting with the ancient custom of using Dolomite hay, carefully cultivated and mown by hand according to ancient traditions. The harvested hay is highly biodiverse, rich in medicinal herbs and flowers, and is the star of our Hay Ritual. Even the name Enrosadira, a natural phenomenon characteristic of the Dolomites, which during sunrise and sunset are tinged with pinkish hues, is linked to an ancient legend of this valley. The benefits of alpine herbs are countless, which is why we mainly use cosmetics made with local ingredients and essential oils extracted from conifer needles, mountain flowers and plants from the Fassa Valley.

Wellness area

Enrosadira SPA will let you discover the link between the purity of the surrounding nature and the well-being associated with our wellness treatments. The hotel, surrounded by the marvellous peaks of the Dolomites and the wooded landscapes of Val di Fiemme and Val di Fassa, houses a wellness centre where you can regenerate, recover your energy, and take care of your body and spirit. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the sauna, Turkish bath, swimming pool and our whirlpool!

  • Indoor swimming pool heated to max 28 °C
  • Turkish bath
  • Sauna
  • Relaxation area and herbal tea room
  • In summer Outdoor Solarium Area

The use of a swimming cap is recommended.


Hay baths

This ritual makes use of 'fior di fieno', an ancient mixture of plants, flowers and leaves that naturally accumulates on the ground, as described in some ancient texts from the Fassa Valley. Let yourself be enveloped in a fragrant blanket, enriched with officinal plants such as: arnica montana, traditionally known for its anti-inflammatory properties; antioxidant St. John's Wort, which helps neutralise free radicals; yarrow, relaxing thanks to its ability to reduce muscle tension. These herbs, heated to 30°, release the active ingredients of the hay, which are absorbed by the muscles, giving deep relaxation and a sense of well-being. This first phase will be followed by a relaxing massage with essential oils from the Dolomites. You can end this experience by sipping a herbal tea prepared with flowers and herbs selected to promote relaxation and absolute well-being.

Novità 2024

Vasca Nuvola

Immergiti in un'esperienza di puro benessere a 360° all'interno della Vasca Nuvola

Questa Vasca unica, permette di vivere una "dry float experience" ovvero una vera e propria rigenerazione psicofisica data dal galleggiamento nell'acqua calda senza però che l'acqua sfiori il corpo.
Vivi non solo un trattamento, ma una vera e propria rinascita per corpo e mente.
Galleggia nel relax più profondo mentre la Nuvola ti avvolge per liberarti da tensioni e stress accumulati. Inconsciamente ritornerai allo stato prenatale vivendo il benessere che provavi nel grembo materno.
La vasca Nuvola accoglie e coccola il corpo di tutti, comprese le donne in gravidanza, favorendo una connessione profonda tra mamma e bimbo: quando il corpo galleggia nella vasca, la futura mamma vive un’esperienza sensoriale simile a quella del bambino nel ventre.
Abbinata a scrub o impacchi permette di assorbire i principi attivi applicati, che riescono a penetrare in profondità nella pelle per un livello di idratazione e rinnovamento assoluti.

*image courtesy of Starpool

Massages and treatments

Be pampered by the expert hands of our operators with many wellness treatments

  • Honey Dream
  • Candle Massage
  • Massaggio Rilassante
  • Massaggio Drenante
  • Aromatherapy Antisress

Discover all our massages by clicking here

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